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Post  K S Venkataraman on Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:50 pm

Dear Friends,

I am K S Venkataraman, Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth, free HRD online monthly magazine, dedicated to Global Youth Development and addressed to the Youth of the world. My profile is available in

I have joined this august group today.

Primarily our monthly magazine Dynamic Youth, a free online Human Resources Development monthly magazine would be my message to the learned members. It is dedicated to Global Youth Development, a concept envisaged by the UNO.

The major aim of the Dynamic Youth is to harness the global youth energy and canalize it towards the Global Peace, Freedom, Universal Harmony and Prosperity for All.

Primarily the monthly issues of Dynamic Youth would be my messages to the group. I would also like to participate in any discussion of general importance, especially if relevant to the Youth, the profession of HRD (Human Relations Development) and Global Peace.

The September issue of Dynamic Youth is available in for your kind perusal.

I hope my interaction with the learned members of this group would be mutually beneficial.

With kind regards,
K S Venkataraman[justify]
K S Venkataraman

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