Money and Muscle Power Cut the Roots of Democracy

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Money and Muscle Power Cut the Roots of Democracy

Post  K S Venkataraman on Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:09 pm

Money and Muscle Power Cut the Roots of Democracy


Democracy, spoken of highly as a form of government in the modern era, can easily become corrupt and inefficient. It may become kleptocracy if the people do not understand the value of their freedom; if do not identify themselves with the nation as a whole; if cannot see through the chicaneries of the politicians; if buy the cock and bull stories of the politicians and are ready to get caught in emotional conflicts among themselves; if fail to elect right persons as their representatives and entrust the task of governance with them.
In a country like India, the politicians have a number of cunning schemes to keep the people divided; they use religion, caste, language, region and what not, to create divisions among the people; they tell them mischievous stories with historical distortions and make sure that different sections of the people hate one another. By this they try to develop captive vote banks.
Naturally they attract criminals to political parties and use them effectively against law-abiding majority during the umpteen conflicts shaped by themselves. This helps them to keep well-mannered majority at bay; and to control all political themselves in their control.
In India majority are poor. The politicians are controlling them by bribes and if it does not work, by threats.
For the corrupt politicians, money is not a problem. They are able to grab land, indulge in extortions and run any illegal business with the help of dishonest officials and criminals. With more money, they grow more powerful and vicious. Thus their atrocities spiral up and they make a mockery of democratic institutions, including elections.
For example, let us take Tamil Nadu. Elections have been scheduled on April 13, 2011. Hard cash in crisp notes, totaling Rs.5.11 crore kept in five travel bags on the roof a private bus has been seized in Tiruchirappalli. This is not an isolated case. The unaccounted cash seized during the last few days has touched Rs. 25 crore.1
Even for a well-educated professional, rupees in crores mean quiet a lot. How can some of these politicians, just by making use of their arrogance and criminal way of life, accumulate enormous wealth within short periods?
The assets of Sai Baba, who has been serving the people for more than seven decades and has followers all over the world, are estimated to be only Rs. 40000 crores! Though for him donations have been flowing in from several countries in millions of dollars, it is only Rs. 40000 crores. By a single scam, a politician is able to swindle Rs.1,76,000 crores within a few years!
In India, full-fledged political reforms, supported by suitably revised constitutional support, are urgently called for. For this, corrupt politicians are not going to take any initiative. It is possible only if our youngsters enter politics in large numbers, drive away the corrupt politicians at all levels and tone up governance by educating and involving laws-abiding majority of Indian citizens.

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