Hey Y'all from East Tennessee!

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Hey Y'all from East Tennessee!

Post  celticquill on Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:55 pm

Very Happy
My name is Ronnie and I live here in the beautiful hills of East Tennessee with my 2 teenage daughters and their menagerie of pets. This is a great opportunity for me to meet some new friends and learn about other cultures.

Please feel free to check out some of my hubpages and other writing. That's what I really love to do. Writing articles and my blogs as well as working on a juvenile fantasy novel. Some of my best friends are books clown

5o and laid-off right now, I also love to cook and bake.( I want to learn to make good brioche and souffle now.) I'm also trying, unsuccessfully, to learn to play mandolin.

This invitation goes out to everyone. Feel free to e-mail me as often as you like. New friends would be a real blessing.


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