The One Hour - Article in Dynamic Youth magazine

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The One Hour - Article in Dynamic Youth magazine

Post  K S Venkataraman on Sat Mar 14, 2009 3:13 pm

The One Hour


Suraj works for a fortune 500 company. He had always been an excellent performer. He is in the sales team of the engineering giant organization. His sales record always fetches him lucrative incentives. His dynamic personality and cool temper helped him to gain friendship of many people.

Twijesh joined his team a few months ago. He is also a good performer but not as good as Suraj. Though Twijesh was initially jealous of Suraj, he slowly started wondering how Suraj consistently improved on his sales performance with very low stress levels (Positive ones obviously). Since Suraj is an affable person, Twijesh decided to ask him the secret of his wonderful attitude and performance.

One Sunday evening, Twijesh invited Suraj for a one to one dinner in the city’s best restaurant. After some casual conversation, Twijesh openly expressed his eagerness to know ‘the secret’ of Suraj’s success. Suraj smiled and said that it is his ‘one hour tranquility everyday’. The first question in Twijesh’s mind was how did Suraj manage to find the time and the second one was what did he do alone for one hour. Looking at his puzzled expression, Suraj said that in the initial years of his career, he was not taking this time out for himself, but after two years of work life, he had to start whatever he is doing now to enjoy his life thoroughly. The first difficulty he faced was to find time. That was when he listened to an audio tape of Robin Sharma, insisting on the importance of getting up early in the morning. His words “ Join the 5 ‘O’ clock club” was lingering in his mind, which eventually turned out to be an alarm for him the next day at 5.00 a.m. He woke up but did not know how to use the time that he got effectively. After reading self help books, listening to tapes of successful people and attending few classes, he defined his mornings with the following activities.

Physical exercises

Suraj learnt that his body is a temple and his mind is his God. So his first focus was to make his body healthy, for only a sound body will aid a sound mind. He used the first twenty-five minutes of his one hour time in doing physical exercises. This not only kept his weight under control, but also released the stress associated due to long hours of working at office. This involved yoga exercises predominantly and also some stretching.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises took fifteen minutes of his one hour personal time but gave him a day full of energy. Breathing facilitated him to get rid of the unwanted stress that he acquired due to lot of work pressure, to a great level. In addition to this, his concentration power improved and helped him to be focused in his work. In a way, it aided him to rejuvenate his mind every day.


This amazing technique that he learnt gave him extraordinary powers of having mind vacations. He enjoyed having free and peaceful vacations through imagination during his meditations. He became one of those fortunate people to enjoy everyday ten minutes vacations which refreshed him to keep his head cool in all his busy schedules.


The last ten minutes of his one hour personal time was used by him to write down his journal. This comprised of writing down the important activities for the day and his appointments. This habit helped him to keep up his commitments with people. This not only made him feel better as a person but also increased his credibility among the people he worked with.

In addition to these, Suraj dedicated his weekends for his family and friends and pursued his hobby of reading books.

Listening to all these, Twijesh opened his mouth wide in marvel. He was glad about having known these things from Suraj. He thanked Suraj and left for home. He carried with him, a stomach full of food, mind full of knowledge and heart full of determination as he knew that it took quite a lot of it to reach where he ought to. He remembered the words of Charles Buxton, “You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”

He slept with a mental alarm to join the 5 ‘O’ clock club of Robin Sharma along with Suraj!

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Thank you sir

Post on Wed May 27, 2009 10:05 am

It is one the simple yet best article, I read, during recent times

thanks for visionary & guiding readers in right way

best of luck and expecting few more good words from you in future

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