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Conquer Your World

Post  K S Venkataraman on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:50 pm

Conquer Your World

Dear Youth of the world,
All of us want to succeed in life; to become rich; to live a healthy and happy life. We also want that others should like us; appreciate us; recognize our merits and accept our greatness. There is nothing wrong in such aspirations. After all such aspirations spur us to action. What we are today depends on the nature of such aspirations and how realistically and efficiently we have worked to realize them.
However genuine our aspirations and efforts may be, there are times when we are stopped in the middle. Obstacles crop up and stall our progress. We analyze them, find ways to overcome them and achieve our desires as early as possible. But not always we succeed easily in this exercise. It is our problem; we know the developments and hindrances first hand; then why proper and effective solutions do not suggest themselves to us?
Often we overlook some vital clues for arriving at solutions when it happens to be our own case. This is where an expert can be very helpful. For Dynamic Youth readers such expert assistance is available through this ‘Conquer Your World’ column. Kathy Munoz has kindly come forward to offer advice concerning all aspects of your personal and professional development, including goal setting and resolutions.
Please feel free to write to if you feel like facing a checkmate.
For further details visit or write to

K S Venkataraman
Associate Editor, Dynamic Youth
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